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using-play-therapy-dr barb pedalino


using-play-therapy-dr barb pedalino

On Friday May 20, I attended the 2016 Southern California Regional Play Therapy Conference held in Rancho Cucamonga and sponsored by the California Association for Play Therapy.

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Holly Willard, LCSW, RPT-S, presented a workshop entitled:  Not Just Child’s Play: Using Play therapy with Teens. The concept is to draw upon adolescents’ tendency to be passionate, innovative and creative. The principles of play therapy become the springboard of self-expression and relationship building with the therapist. Their ability to experience self-expression fosters learning that is more profound and enduring. New skills and awareness’s can then be transferred to settings and relationships outside of therapy.

What I like about play therapy with teens is that I am able to get a window into their world when they may otherwise feel guarded. Through art, music, video interests, writing, games, etc., I am able to work with teens on the themes they present and help them gain insights and improved coping skills.

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