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aging gracefully

Successful Aging

You may wonder what the good part of aging could possibly be. After all, there are some potential declines—body, health, memory, energy, losses. Why are some people still positive despite these declines? What do they do differently?

I recall meeting a senior gentleman walking on a track as I jogged by. At the time, I was feeling bogged down by daily activities of work and raising a family. Which carpool was I driving? What was I preparing for dinner? So I asked Bill why he was always whistling and seeming happy and content. His answer was that he survived the Holocaust and now every day seemed sunny, whether or not the sun was shining.

The main ingredient of graceful aging is outlook. Those who are successful view each day with hope versus trepidation. They live in the present here-and-now. They make realistic plans. They are resourceful. They take courses or attend lectures. They read. They try something new, perhaps a hobby or food. They volunteer. They continue lifelong learning. They socialize versus isolate. They stay engaged with life.

Hmm…sounds like a lesson for younger people, too.