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woman socially isolation on a tablet - Dr. Barb Psychologist

How to Combat Isolation During Coronavirus

I like to think that out of adversity, we can create positives—whether more family time, quiet time, going outdoors, being creative.

Practicing good hygiene and social distancing are ways we can feel proactive in response to health concerns as severe as COVID-19 or simply the common cold. We want to convey confidence that there are ways we can help one another.

Especially while we are confined, virtual tours of museums are truly ways to bring the outside world in. It is a healthy diversion while we explore various cultures, history, religions, science, technology, and art.

As a psychologist, I am pleased to provide teletherapy. Video conferencing is an excellent tool for bridging the gap of social isolation. Learn more by contacting me here.

Healthy wishes to all!