• How frequent are sessions?

Therapy involves skill building and retraining your brain; therefore, weekly sessions are preferable, sometimes more or less often, depending on the presenting issues.

For children, a minimum of weekly sessions isGranddaughter May fundamental for their successful adjustment along with regular parent meetings.

  • How long does therapy take?

Human science is not exact.  The length of therapy is relative to the severity of the disorder. How complicated and problematic is it? Are the stressors ongoing? What strengths do you bring to therapy? What areas need to be strengthened? Habits take time to change and self-exploration is a process. Together we decide when you have reached satisfactory improvement.

  • When and why does therapy work?

Dr. Pedalino believes that it is the therapeutic relationship that heals and promotes growth. Therapy is a team effort. She identifies the client as the captain of the team and she is among the players. Sportsmanship requires honesty, commitment and integrity. And like all sports, winning requires effort, determination, and skill.

  • How does play therapy work?

Barbara-Pedalino-Palm-Desert-Play-Therapy-OfficeTherapy for children is different than adults. Words can sometimes actually interfere with true feelings being expressed. Play is the natural language for children. There are times when the true cause of problems may never be known; yet calmness and confidence take over when whatever the issue was becomes resolved. It is almost magical.

  • Why do parents seek help for parenting? 

When parents seek help for parenting, they often report having tried it all. Dr. Pedalino wonders, however, if parents truly believed there was no more to try, why then would they schedule an appointment? This suggests an opening to learning more effective parenting strategies—that it is not just the child’s problem. Dr. Pedalino draws upon a wealth of parenting resources and helps coach parents in more successful ways to interact with their children.

  • How is payment handled?


Payment is expected at the beginning of your session.  Dr. Pedalino accepts cash, check and credit cards. PPO claims are submitted to your insurance company on your behalf and requested to be reimbursed directly to you.  Dr. Pedalino is a provider for Blue Shield PPO, 4 Your Choice, Victim Witness, Medicare, UHC TRICARE Military West, and Design Benefits.

  • Why did Dr. Pedalino become a psychologist? 

People sometimes wonder what drew Dr. Pedalino to want to listen to other people’s problems. Dr. Pedalino describes her answer as twofold: First, when she personally encountered adversity, she discovered how integral therapy was to develop coping skills, learn and grow. So yes, she sat in the client’s seat and can appreciate how it feels to be vulnerable. Second, she feels enriched when she can help ease someone’s emotional pain or observe someone’s excitement from self-discovery and growth.



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