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Desert Health News Article

Desert Health News

This is an excerpt from an article I had published in The Desert Health News:

Anxiety is described as worries of academic challenges, whether they will be liked, and uncertainty about their teacher’s temperament. When anxiety seems overly intense and symptoms manifest such as separation anxiety or physical complaints, psychological intervention may prove helpful.

For some children, back-to-school transitions will be compounded by new schools, rather than solely different classrooms. Whether preschool, kindergarten, first grade, middle school, high school or college, newness is experienced with excitement and anxiety. Regardless of the child’s age, the questions seem similar.

  • Will I be accepted or rejected?
  • What will my teacher(s) be like?
  • Will I feel lost in my surroundings or enjoy the adventure?
  • Will I be challenged in a good way or too much?
  • Will I get good grades?