Autism Spectrum Disorder

  Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience deficits in social communication, have narrow, fixated interests, stereotypic repetitive behaviors and sensory sensitivities. Their problems range on a continuum from mild symptoms to severe. Following are descriptions of two children diagnosed with ASD who present at different [...]

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Back to school butterflies are a natural phenomenon. The two most frequent words I am hearing in my psychology practice about back to school are “excited” and “anxious”. They are both uttered simultaneously and related to unknowns. When I ask children what they mean by these [...]

Brian – Creative Synthesis of His Play Therapy

CLINICAL EDITOR COMMENT This article discusses a case of a youngster and family as they transitioned from active chemical dependency and moved towards sobriety. The author uses a creative approach to deal with the emotionally intense effects. PlayTherapyTM June 2007 Barbara Pedalino PsyD, LLP BRIAN In my real [...]

Ask Dr. Barb: What is Play Therapy?

Helps kids feel better (& grown-ups, too!) Improves self-esteem Teaches coping skills Fosters feeling expression Promotes socially appropriate behaviors Teaches creative problem-solving Dear Parents & Colleagues, As adults, sometimes we [...]