Handling Emotions

What does handling emotions really mean?
Some people think it is important to have a stiff upper lip—be stoic—be brave. Some people think coping with emotions […]

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Can We Talk? The Psychology of Communication.

Published in the Desert Health News: May-June
Do you struggle to be understood, yet often feel misunderstood? Communication is a basic skill, yet there are some […]

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On Friday May 20, I attended the 2016 Southern California Regional Play Therapy Conference held in Rancho Cucamonga and sponsored by the California Association for […]

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It Happens to Boys

What Makes Boys Afraid to Tell About Sexual Abuse?

1. Boys are under the assumption that they should be able to protect themselves. If someone takes advantage […]

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What To Be When You Grow Up

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.
William Arthur Ward
What would you like […]

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Little Things That Matter

Have you ever felt that life was so busy, that it was hard to find time to enjoy the little things in life that truly […]

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Take the risk to learn about the magic that’s in your heart.
Believe in yourself and become aware that
you can do what you really want to […]

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Addressing Loss Through Psychotherapy

News from Coachella Valley’s Integrated Health Community
Medical News  July/August 2015
By Barbara Pedalino, PsyD
Psychotherapy generally focuses on change and growth. Why then, would senior adults seek treatment […]

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