Handling Emotions

What does handling emotions really mean?
Some people think it is important to have a stiff upper lip—be stoic—be brave. Some people think coping with emotions […]

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Can We Talk? The Psychology of Communication.

Published in the Desert Health News: May-June
Do you struggle to be understood, yet often feel misunderstood? Communication is a basic skill, yet there are some […]

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When Children Feel Entitled

Now that the holidays are over, some parents have begun noticing an unanticipated change in their children. Consider how endowed these children were during the […]

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Little Things That Matter

Have you ever felt that life was so busy, that it was hard to find time to enjoy the little things in life that truly […]

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Take the risk to learn about the magic that’s in your heart.
Believe in yourself and become aware that
you can do what you really want to […]

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Back to school emotions tend to exacerbate psychological problems. Anxiety, depression and excitement are intertwined. Imagine students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with all […]

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Everyone feels sad, blue or down-in-the-dumps on occasion. You may even feel “depressed”. However, diagnosable depression is much more intense and interferes with your daily […]

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