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The most important messages we can convey as parents are promoting a sense of security and the feeling of unconditional love. Positive parenting provides a […]

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As a member of the Desert Sands Student Advisory Program (SAP), I attended a meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at the Betty Ford Children’s Center […]

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When Children Feel Entitled

Now that the holidays are over, some parents have begun noticing an unanticipated change in their children. Consider how endowed these children were during the […]

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It Happens to Boys

What Makes Boys Afraid to Tell About Sexual Abuse?

1. Boys are under the assumption that they should be able to protect themselves. If someone takes advantage […]

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Frogs and Snails and Mobster Tales

November 14, 2015 Robert Teitelbaum related his experience as a child who grew up among the mob at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences on […]

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Children’s Program of the Betty Ford Center

Monday October 19, 2015 I attended a luncheon at the Children’s Program of the Betty Ford Center to commemorate significant milestones reached this year along […]

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Coping with Financial Stress During the Holidays

When finances are limited, it is understandable to feel saddened that holidays are celebrated differently than you had hoped. Your traditions may be sacrificed. Wrapped […]

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Betty Ford Center Children’s Program Explains Addiction to Kids

All Children’s Programs are open to the public. Parents do not have to be patients at the Betty Ford Center in order for their children […]

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Overweight Children Suffer In Health And Grades

Excerpt From KESQ Channel 3

Experts say food high in fat and sugar deprive the mind, making it difficult to concentrate and retain information.

“Children who are […]

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Women’s Leaders Forum

The Psychology Behind Financial Success

Join me at  Women Leaders Forum as a panel of experts educates you on key ways to master your financial life starting […]

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